|| Satsang Sabha - June 2018 ||

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Canada is organizing Satsang sabha as a way to come together and join the much needed spiritual discourse.

June Satsang Sabha was organized at Shelldale Community Center in Guelph. Amid ongoing preparation for Pratishtha Mahotsav in Dallas, TX and due to unavoidable circumstances, Santo from US were unable to attend.

The Sabha was on Ekádáshi, specifically Bhim Ekadashi. The sabha started with Kirtáns and Dhun followed by Mangalacharan shloka and Prayer to the Lord Swaminarayan. This day being Ekádáshi, Kirtáns having importance on Ekádáshi were recited. On Magshar vad Ekádáshi, Samvat 1858, first time ever, the world heard the divine name ‘Swaminarayan’. Sahajanand Swami enlightened to His devotees, “You all should chant this Mahamantra in worship and prayers; this will help you attain Supreme Abode or Akshardham .” In this way, Lord Swaminarayan blessed the Satsangi with the celestial Swaminarayan Mahamantra. A video katha on importance of this event and divinity of the name “Swaminarayan” was shown. At the end of the video katha, the attendees were asked what did they learn from the preachings and a good discussion was carried out.

Towards the end of the Sabha, Nisargbhai gave a detailed information on Ekádáshi, importance of fasting on Ekádáshi and how fasting is recommended in spiritual and scientific ways. Many devotees who did not observe fast, took a vow to fast from next Ekádáshi onwards.

Thal and Aarti was performed followed by blessings from Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj explained the importance of serving others by god’s will with an example of Agatarai’s Parvatbhai. He also inspired not to have any habit of bad addiction that can divert us from walking on right path. Guru maharaj also reminded that we should not forget Lord Swaminarayan in any ups or downs of life, and to have faith in him through the life.

This being and Ekádáshi day, farali dinner was prepared and served. More than 10 different food items were prepared including sweet. Around 100 members attended the sabha.