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Indian civilization and heritage goes far back to 10,000 BC. For Indians residing in Canada witness major shifts from their experience in the Indian culture. In order for them to flourish in the Western culture is sometimes not only hard to
digest but difficult to get settled in. Hence, blending the Indian heritage with an added flavour of teachings by western culture is not only good for individuals but for the community and the nation as a whole.

Also the current economic condition around the globe calls for prudence in judgment on everybody part. In such circumstances living by Bhagwan Swaminarayan philosophy and his scriptures can benefit anyone and everyone.
To better understand his teachings, philosophy and scriptures Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Toronto conducts Satsang Sabha (Worship assemblies) on Last Saturday of the month, usually in the evenings.

In Satsang Sabha (Worship assembly), various forms of spiritual disclosures are followed. The Sabha starts with prayer and chanting in the name of Lord Swaminarayan. The Gurus and Saints of the Swaminarayan sect preaches religious disclosures based on scriptures. Debate after the discourse allows followers to seek answers to their questions from Saints and the Assembly is then adjourned with prayers of Lord Swaminarayan. The other activities also include meditation, quiz and mind games and providing educational material based on scriptures of Swaminarayan sect, mostly from Shikshapatri and Vachnamrut.

After Sabha, Maha Prasad (Divine food or Dinner) is served, that also provides an opportunity to network with other followers. Everyone departs after dinner. The Sabha is typically organized on individual’s home or school gymnasium and
is led by Saints (either from India or US, profound in Hindu and Swaminarayan scriptures).

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Satsang of September 2017
Satsang of August 2017
Satsang of June 2017
Satsang of April 2017
Satsang of December 2016
Satsang of August 2016