|| H. H. Gurumaharaj & Saint Mandal Satsang vicharan ||

His Holiness Guru Maharaj and Other Saints’ tour was decided after Dallas Gurukul pratishtha mahotsav. As part of the tour, Pu. Guru maharaj, Pu. Dev Prasad swami and santo visited Ontario province of Canada for a 4 day Satsang Yatra from 12th Sept 2018 to 16th Sept 2018 During these four days, Guru maharaj and santo graced more than 10 families in different cities of the province. They got chance to host Guru maharaj and santo for thal. Santo visited Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Brampton, Kitchener and Windsor during these days. Every evenings were full teachings and discourses by Guru maharaj and santo.